Worship Gatherings!

A warm welcome and friendly atmosphere awaits you…


Sunday mornings at 10:45 is just one of the times in which we come together as a community. But, it is for us one of our most meaningful weekly experiences. You see, when we gather on Sunday mornings it is a time for us to be refreshed, a time to celebrate, and a time to catch our collective breaths. So that’s why we don’t worry about what we wear, what we drive or what brand of mobile you may or may not have. None of that matters.


Come Just as You Are!

What matters most is you coming to join us. So wear what you like. Drive what you like. And bring with you whomever you like. Everyone is welcome. You’ll find a warm, welcoming environment.

Feel Comfortable..

We have a band that leads us in singing if you like to sing. We have children all over the place, so you won’t have to worry about how noisy yours are. We read the Bible together. We pray together. We hear relevant messages that help us better understand this ‘with God’ life we are living. And at some point, there is tea and coffee and time for a natter with friends old and new. Oh yeah, and best of all, we hardly ever take ourselves too seriously, which means you can just relax and participate at a level you feel comfortable.

Now honestly, does that sound like a great way to spend a Sunday morning?
Well, come join us and we’ll let you decide for yourself. ☺